Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I login inside the application?

Currently is an Invite only application, To successfully create your account, you have to request an invite on your number from someone who is already using currently application. Only an existing user can invite you to access the application.

How can I join Currently if I don't have any friends on currently to get an invite on my number?

If you don't have any friends on this application and you are the first one, don't worry - you can call us on +919033422533 and our team can let you in the application by asking a few questions to verify your identity.

My home screen is locked, is it normal? What do I do to unlock it?

If you see a lock on your homepage, it means you haven't posted in the last 24 hours. Keep your homepage unlocked by posting a real-time update at least once every 24 hours.

Can I invite my friends' numbers to join the app?

To invite your friend's number to join the app, open Currently, click on your profile icon at the bottom, and tap on the 'Invite your friends' button. Share the invitation on your friends number through WhatsApp or SMS.

I can’t see my contacts? How can I invite my friend number to join on currently?

If you cannot see your contacts to invite your friends number, try syncing your contacts. After doing that, your contacts should appear, and you can easily invite your friend's number. Also, you can directly type a number to invite your friends number.

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